Series: The Armor of God


Sadly, many in the church aren’t ready for combat, and if they do find themselves in a “serious social occasion,” their encounter won’t end well (read that: slaughtered like a pig) as they look down in their toolbox and discover … nothing.

Belt of Truth

The first piece of equipment required is the belt. It's importance can't be underestimated as the other armor attaches to it.

Breastplate Of Righteousness

The Roman breastplate covered the chest and those hard-to-live-without organs — heart, lungs, etc. Lacking advanced medicine, a blow through the ancient breastplate usually proved fatal.

How Are Your Shoes?

Any slip while engaged in hand-to-hand combat is probably your last. Thus having proper footgear is vital.

The Last Line of Defense

The integrity of the shield was critical — as with other weapons, when you need it it’s too late to find out it doesn’t work.

Protect Your Head!

The Helmet protected the head from cavalry attacks, as riders on horseback used a wide, blunt sword to split skulls of those walking beneath them. Obviously, if you take such a blow to the head you’re in big trouble, so how is the condition of your helmet?

Let’s Get Offensive

Most of your armor serves a defensive purpose. Yet God equipped you with one offensive weapon.

Heavy Artillery

One piece doesn't get much mention, but it's your weapon to impact battles far away, like long range artillery.

Military Organization

Many strange issues in the church are caused by failing to recognize the military structure of the church. It’s why some groups express outrage when “their” person doesn’t perform a certain role.

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