We’re here to discuss the Bible, politics, science, and religion — not simply reporting news, but how it fits together to affect your life. We’ll frequently refer to a 3AM phone call — you might remember Hillary Clinton’s political ad.

It’s 3AM and your children are safe and asleep. But there’s a phone in the White House and it’s ringing. Something’s happening in the world … who do you want answering the phone?

Remember, life is hard, and you may not get a Lexus, ice cream, or a pony.


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Stay in the Game, but You Still Don’t Get A Pony

Stay in the Game Cover

A terrible disease infects many Christians by believing life is easy and God grants everyone (with enough faith, that is) a Lexus, ice cream, and a pony. When life gets tough people hide the pain and frustration created by the paradox of what they think the Christian life should be—versus the reality they experience—by transforming into Tony the Tiger, where everything is grrrrreat! Yet everyone needs help sometimes.

Get Back In The Game!

Get Back in the Game Cover

When trials arrive, it’s a myth you’ll rise to the occasion, rather you’ll sink to your level of preparation. If you’re bringing (metaphorically) a knife to a gun-fight, you’ve set yourself up as a pig going to slaughter. Zechariah and Haggai appear about the same time to encourage the people to rejoin the battle, providing practical advice you can use today. It’s time to transform from a 98-pound spiritual weakling to a seasoned combat-ready Christian, because Christianity is — and always will be — a full-contact experience (whether you know it or not).

The Book Of Daniel

Daniel Cover

Daniel’s book contains more than mystical prophecy and Sunday School flannel-board stories, as Paul reminds us “whatsoever things were written in earlier times were written for our learning, that we, through patience and comfort of the scriptures, might have hope”. Daniel’s character was unwavering, as he decided early in his life to maintain his devotion to God, no matter the cost. That’s the real lesson to learn, and Daniel’s book provides the blueprint.

The Troubled Church

The Troubled Church Cover

The Corinthians had their share of problems, among them marriage and divorce, divisions, pride, legalism, spiritual gifts, immorality, and more. Unfortunately the church hasn’t learned from Paul’s letter as the same mistakes repeat over and over … and over. Have you thought about how people outside the church see it today? Their responses reveal much about the state of today’s church — and it’s not good — as the problems at Corinth continue today.

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Life lessons come from many places. Myself, I’ve learned plenty from my dog. Lindsey Bowers Tatum presents us another animal lesson, from her horse Four.

God and Government

When a major shift in society occurs (some law or court decision) people ask: “How will this change the way you teach the Bible?” The answer isn’t hard, but the reason behind it is complex, but it’s something which reveals the key between God and Government.

RIP America — And Your Action Plan

People worry about Christians being persecuted. But the church is never hurt by persecution. However, a huge danger does exist which can destroy the church, and you must be aware of it. It's not the Supreme Court, legislation, or even new laws.

It’s The Cross, Stupid

Staying on message isn't just for politics. Christians should stay on message as well, and not get bogged down in liberal theology sidetracks.

Are You At Peace?

You know what? People don't really change much. The same problem the disciples faced thousands of years ago is the exact same problem we frequently encounter — and we react the same way they did. Isn't it time to learn the lesson and be at peace.

Tares Among the Wheat

Calling yourself a Christian doesn't make it any more than sitting at a piano makes you a pianist.

I Told You So!

Watching political events it's clear where we are today is a product of decades. Sadly, when people sounded the alarm many years ago they were ignored.

How Fast is the Rapture?

it might surprise you we actually know how fast the rapture is. It's not the image you see with people floating up to heaven.

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