Series: Atheism and Agnosticism


Before discussion atheism, we should define our terms, because some people use atheism with non-standard definitions.


Atheism as dictionary defined is illogical by definition. It holds nothing but immature gibberish. Of course, atheists don't like to admit that, but it's simple to show.


Agnosticism differs from atheism. At least it is childish gibberish.


“Freethinking” may be popular, but it’s an oxymoron as so-called freethinkers exclude things they won’t talk about or consider (god).

The Problem of Information

Genetic mutations are almost exclusively bad. Since the vast majority of mutations are bad, for evolution you’ll need vast quantities of sequential *good* mutations for an eye to evolve. Too bad the math doesn't work out.

The Question of Beginnings

Perhaps one of the oldest questions is how did I get here? You have 4 choices.


Let’s consider agnosticism and see if there’s something to discuss. If you’re an atheist, don’t bother with this as your position comes from faith (not critical thinking), and nothing will ever shake the dogma of your convictions.


Atheism doesn't work, so a god must be required. How do you determine which god?

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