Yes, Virginia, There Really is an Israel

It’s trendy to blame Israel for everything. Of course, this runs counter to Israel as God’s people, so what must be done? Simply say Israel isn’t really Israel — then you can do to the Jews and Israel whatever you want, and not run afoul of God’s Word.

Absurd? Sure, but don’t confuse liberals with facts.

A small but powerful group of evangelicals still believe when the new testament refers to Israel it’s referring to the newfound country rather than a spiritual nation formed in the collective hearts of all believers.

Could someone please define what a “a spiritual nation formed in the collective hearts of all believers” is?

This comes dangerously close to replacement theology, where the church replaced Israel in God’s plan. It’s heresy stemming from liberal theology.

It’s stunning to see liberals fail to understand major problems with liberal theology:

  • WHO gets to decide what is “spiritual” and what is “real”?
  • HOW will they do that?
  • WHY is their idea better than anything else?

Liberals like to ignore parts speaking about Israel. Fine. Where do you draw the line, and what’s real and what’s not? Liberals never answer the question.

For those who travel down the dark path of liberal theology, I always tell them the teaching regarding adultery was just spiritual and a cultural idiom, it doesn’t really hold today, so ladies, if your husband cheats on you, it’s no big deal.

After all, if we’re going to ignore parts of the Bible, everyone is free to ignore whatever they want.

Of course, you’ll find very few agreeing with ignoring adultery teaching, but liberals love to ignore other parts. They miss their so-called scholarship means nobody believes anything.

Perhaps not everyone espousing liberal ideas truly understands how absurd the position is. Perhaps they’ve simply been deceived by so-called scholars teaching heretical ideas.

It might be popular for teachers and scholars to promote absurd ideas like social justice is the gospel or replacement theology, but when you ask them to show you where it is in the Bible, they can’t (for the simple reason it’s not there).

They’ll be accountable for such wildly absurd ideas on par with the moon is made of cheese — ideas so absurd they’re laughable.

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