The Treachery of Trendy

Many Christians adopt trendy value-relativism philosophy because they’re unprepared and/or uninformed. Ideas like social justice, collective salvation, replacement theology, and more are all trendy, popular … and totally incorrect and not found in the Bible.

How can such Biblically unjustified, completely wrong concepts deceive so many people?

It’s a failure of public education as students fail to reason. As public schools continue to fail, it’s not surprising the lack of logic and critical thinking infests the church and theology, leaving many Christians open to deception or the latest trendy fad.

Many people simply can’t logically follow facts to arrive at a reasoned conclusion.

For example, I’ve written extensively on Bible translation so it’s a subject I follow closely. Recently on a few blogs the question arose — which translation do you use, and why?

One person was thrilled to finally find a translation agreeing with their strange ideology in an off-the-path translation. That’s trying to form the Bible from ideology, and is of course exactly backwards.

Worse, I didn’t find a single comment along the lines of “which translation most accurately matches the original language.” Lots of notes about how one “speaks” to me, others that it fit their preconceived ideology, but nobody was interested in accuracy (at least not to the original language).

Tragic, but not surprising as the inability to use logic and critical thinking makes its way out of the public schools and into the church as social justice, post-this, emerging-that are all ideas having no basis at all in the actual Bible.

We’ve replaced facts and logic with popular fads.

It’s time to get your critical thinking hat on and get back in the game, because it’s 2:59 AM, and you’ll soon face the question — what parts of Christianity will you not compromise on? Will you stand up to heretical — but popular — church fads?

You can only respond if you know what the Bible actually says, and can logically follow the truth. For those interested in an easy to read primer on logic, Jason Lisle’s “Discerning Truth” is highly recommended (ISBN 978-0890515945). Once you get some basics down, you’ll be stunned to notice how often major errors are made, and a total lack of substance in many discussions.

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