The Great Alinsky Rule 13 Deception

Saul Alinsky in “Rules for Radicals” laid out a framework for community organizing, or those who want to “stick it to the man.” Several prominent politicians are intimately familiar (or even taught) the Alinsky method. It’s also used by radical groups — some even claiming to be Christian. As these tactics become more prevalent, it’s vital to understand Alinsky methods, in particular rule 13.

Alinsky’s Rule

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

The current debate over gun control is being waged via Alinsky methods. Simply put, Alinsky methods identify a group (NRA, and by extension, lawful gun owners), then freeze it. In other words don’t allow the group to define or defend itself. Whatever the community organizer says, that’s the message.

Personalize it to give it a face. In this case gun owners have the face of Wayne LaPierre.

Then polarize it. Call them unreasonable. Extreme. Unlawful. Immoral. Hating kids. And of course, Nazi. Anything to create an evil image in the eyes of anyone listening.

That’s the Alinsky method.

The big problem with the Alinsky method comes from what it lacks: reason, logic, and critical thinking; in place of rational thought you’ll find group-think and slogans.

No matter what they say, community organizers using Alinsky methods are never interested in actual dialog, as the desired outcome has been pre-determined. They want “X”, so how can we demonize those not in favor of “X” to win?

The Church and Alinsky’s Rule

Alinsky dedicated his book to Satan, so you have to wonder why “Christians” use tactics of the devil.

Sadly, lack of critical thinking infests the church in bizarre ideas like social justice; an idea so absurd, so laughable, so heretical, it’s stunning so many intelligent people fall for the deception.

Social justice is an illusion otherwise intelligent people fall for because they’re focused on what the magician wants you to see, while the other hand slips poison in your drink. Remember who Alinsky dedicated his book to?

Why do they fall for it? Dialectic group-think. Even in the church, many fail to understand basic logic, and rarely read their Bible, instead choosing to follow the herd, tumbling right off the cliff to the rocks below.

Those who fail in basic preparedness are guaranteed to be deceived and fail.

Other Uses for Alinsky Tactics

Persecution frequently uses Alinsky methods — whether that persecution is legal or illegal. It’s how the Nazis went after the Jews. Pick a target. Freeze it. Personalize it. Polarize it.

In the case of government persecution this can all be legal.

  • Pick a group (Jews, gun owners, “rich,” etc)
  • Marginalize them.
  • Blame them for problems (economy, shootings, etc).
  • Create laws restricting that group.
  • Enforce the law.

It’s how persecution works, and it’s used against groups others see as “undesirable.”

These methods must be understood, and it’s why rights denied a group are rights denied all. You can’t have free speech while outlawing so-called hate speech. To make the attempt violates the law of consistency.

Get a copy of “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky, and you’ll quickly discover just how much his method has permeated politics, lobbying, and sadly, even the church.

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