The Biggest Hoax Ever Fed To The Church

Dad, what’s a “Power Ballad”?

Well, son, you’re getting older, and we’ve never really talked about it, but it’s time you learned about hair bands of the 1980’s.

Great White. Ratt. Poison. Cinderella. Whitesnake.

I’ve listened to most of them, and many 80’s bands shared a search for meaning for life, or as Bret Michaels said something to believe in. No matter how much fame, fortune, and general excesses they indulged in, nothing satisfied.

It shouldn’t be a surprise many reports exist of those guys becoming Christians.

History repeats itself. After the 90’s and 00’s, the same attitude of hopelessness, despair, and searching for something has returned.

I receive email from people who think God hates them, they’ve lost their salvation and they want to die. Despair. Desperation. Hopelessness.

We’ve become cynical about God, from the TV preachers preaching a genie God you get wishes from, to the depressed post-modern progressive “Christians” who deny absolutes exist; we can’t even know if God exists, let alone if He really cares.

With such stunning misinformation and deception, should it surprise us many people live searching for something to believe in? And even when they do find God, it’s such an incorrect and false image it provides no comfort either.

Let me be blunt — post-modern “Christianity” (and it’s twin liberal theology might be the biggest hoax and deception ever to infest (and that’s the correct word) the church.

It’s laughably absurd — post-modernism proclaims no absolutes exist, except the absolute no absolutes exist. It’s pure mumbo-jumbo intended to deceive and confuse.

Tell post-modernists you want to take their car, drain their bank account, and kick their puppy. That’s all acceptable in post-modernism, after all, what’s truth for me may not be truth for you — absolutes such as right and wrong don’t exist.

Naturally, they’ll quickly admit some absolutes exist (like stealing and kicking puppies is wrong), all while clinging to post-modernism’s absurd denying the existence of absolutes.

Yep, it’s as laughable (and pathetic) as it sounds.

It violates the law of non-contradiction, which simply means something can’t be both true and false at the same time.

Post-modernism and liberal theology proclaim at the same time absolutes do (and yet do not) exist. It’s the logical equivalent of gibberish.

Yet post-modernism no longer remains only a bizarre philosophical error — it affects real people, and has real consequences. We must meet the error where it stands and boldly proclaim its absurdity. Once people truly understand how laughable post-modernism and liberal theology are, they’ll naturally reject it.

Post-modernism really is that insanely stupid — they only way to get people to swallow it comes from hand-waving — trying to hide doggy poo-poo in mountains of paper, also known as “scholarship.”

Once you strip away all the stacks of nonsense, you discover a pile of doggy poo, and instantly realize the complete stench of the idea.

Liberal theology proclaims we can pick-and-choose which parts are—and are not—God’s Word. Don’t like what Paul says? Simple, just say it only applied then, or Paul didn’t really write it, or it was cultural for that time only.

Basically, the strategy becomes anything BUT God’s Word.

Under that mumbo-jumbo, is it any wonder people are confused about God, and if He even exists? People need something to believe in, and the deception of post-modern liberal theology delivers nothing but emptiness.

God is a rock, not philosophical mumbo-jumbo.

Post-modernism and liberal theology represent open rebellion against God, but lack the guts to admit it. It desires to appear religious, all while saying this part of Bible doesn’t apply today, and you can ignore that part, and so on.

We need to stand up for the truth of God — He’s not a genie granting wishes. Life is hard — in other words, you may not get a Lexus, an ice cream, or a pony.

Because there really are no atheists in hair bands, and absolutes (and God) really do exist — God won’t quit on you. Sin is real. Hell is real.

And that’s something to believe in. Absolutely.

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