Social Justice Gets What They Want - And Don’t Like It

While reading a social justice website to keep up on the latest news, I stumbled across a post complaining about one of the social-justice crowd’s favorite dead horses — healthcare and the cost of prescription drugs (it’s those eeeeevil drug companies, you know). They complained about the costs in the United States verses elsewhere (Canada,etc), and when they did, I almost fell out of the chair laughing.


The social justice crowd states as the richest nation in the world it’s up to the United States to “share the wealth” (by confiscation and redistribution if necessary) with other people and countries. Redistribution is the essence of the gospel after all (not really, but read the linked article to see how social justice perverts the Gospel of Jesus).

Of course, they fail to understand that’s exactly the situation with prescription drugs — people in the United States pay higher prices to subsidize Billions in research and development costs for the rest of the world as they benefit from artificially low prices. Simply put, the social justice crowd got exactly what they want (redistribution), but now complain about it. Why complain when getting what they want?

Because it’s their money being redistributed this time. Social Justice demands someone else pay for charity (the “rich”, “corporations”, and so on), instead of themselves. Where did Jesus teach to have the government confiscate assets for redistribution? Oh, wait, He didn’t. It’s your job to help people, not lobby the government to have it forcefully taken from others to fulfill your responsibility.

Social Justice perverts the Gospel of Jesus Christ into a godless gospel of government, transferring the responsibility we have to help to someone else (social justice proponents say to take assets by force using the power of government if necessary), all so the social justice crowd can feel good about how much they “helped” — as long as it’s someone else paying for it.

Why not help others with their resources, instead of confiscating other people’s assets? Forced charity — an oxymoron (like “social justice gospel”, but we digress).

Social Justice — “Because it’s easy (and fun) to give away other people’s money”.

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