Separation Anxiety And The Cure

Your slippers aren’t safe anymore, BWAHAHAHA!

I got a new dog. Eight weeks old. She chews everything.

She’s also scared of the dark. And being alone.

Sleeping has been a challenge. She’s fine as long as you’re near — separation anxiety they call it. No matter what we did, she wouldn’t calm down and sleep at night.

After a few days of no sleep (both us and the dog), and discovering she was not afraid of her crate (she loves sleeping in it during the day), we came on an idea.

Turning over the existing box at the side of our bed turned it into a makeshift nightstand, at exactly mattress level.

We then placed her crate on top, with the door facing our bed. The door is literally 12 inches from my pillow exactly at eye-level.

Now when she wakes up whining, I can roll over and talk to her and she goes right back to sleep.

Crisis averted — she just needs to know we’re near.

Was the situation any different when she was on the floor? Not really, but she didn’t think so.

Then the still small voice comes — you’re the dog.

We thrash around and whine, where are you Lord? Why have you abandoned me? I can’t see you.

All along He’s right there, but you’re not facing the right direction.

Sure, you know that.

Now, go out and act like it.

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