Richard Dawkins Proves God Exists - by Mistake

Devotees of evolutionary dogma face a problem as it’s widely accepted neither the time the universe has existed (let’s just use 15 billion years) nor the amount of matter in the universe allow for random mutations to produce what surrounds us. So what’s a disciple of evolution to do? Declare the non-randomness of evolution, as atheist Richard Dawkins does — only one teeny tiny problem, which we’ll get to after the quote.

You often find people who say, well, evolution is a theory of chance, in the absence of a designer. If it really were a theory of chance, of course they would be right to dismiss it as nonsense. No chance process could give rise to the prodigy of organized complexity that is the living world. But it’s not random chance. Natural selection is the exact opposite of a chance process.

Dawkins states evolution isn’t a random, chance process — in other words it contains information. And information is non-random and (gasp!) designed. For example, if a computer programmer only bangs on the keyboard randomly, no program would ever exist. But by non-random inputs of information, the programmer creates computer software.

But in Dawkins’ alternate universe, he wants the non-random input created by … nothing — since in Dawkins’ worldview he boldly proclaims no God exists (an absurd and illogical premise by itself, for the atheist can’t say no God exists unless he has all knowledge — atheism being illogical and trapped in its own absurdity).

Either evolution follows random chance occurrences (in which case Dawkins admits it’s absurd), or it’s non-random which implies a designer — some outside force pushing it along. You can call it god, the “force”, or whatever you want, but Richard Dawkins admits something designed life. You can’t have it both ways, Mr. Dawkins. Either evolution is random (and thus absurd), or it’s not and some “god” designed and guided it. Which is it?

We don’t think Dawkins meant to admit the existence of God in his interview, but he did.

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