Redefining the Bible to Political Ideology

Over the past few years we’ve warned about those trying to fit the square peg of the Bible into the round hole of political ideology. Many of these traps begin by denying the Bible; it’s refreshing when someone actually admits their goal is to re-define Biblical concepts to match radical ideology.

At least part of the political Left needs to engage biblical texts and arguments directly. This does not mean simply trying to reinterpret biblical stories so that their messages are liberal and libratory; it also means acknowledging that some texts are irredeemably oppressive.

… But there is still hope for those invested in re-imagining the bible as a tool of progressive social change.

Notice the author states they are not trying to determine what God really wants to say. No, the goal is to “reinterpret” and “re-image” it into a tool for extreme political ideology.

Does that sound like a good idea?

Let’s use rule zero for Bible interpretation:

The Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God — if your philosophy disagrees with the Bible the philosophy is wrong, not the Bible.

We don’t need to “reinterpret” and “re-image” the Bible, rather the two basic issues are:

  • What does it say.
  • What does it mean.

The reason heretical ideas gain traction — even in the mainstream church — will always be a lack of Bible knowledge in the pew.

Be vary careful, many so-called Christian groups have nothing but a thin candy shell over heresy and poison. You swallow it at your peril. Be warned, and be a Berean and check everything out for yourself — and that includes the motives of the person you’re listening to.

… because it’s 2:59 AM.

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