Pseudo-Scholarship even Atheists Dismiss

We’ve mentioned previously a book by a “scholar” utterly lacking basic logical and Biblical analysis as a warning not to depend on Phd’s and other accolades to give credibility to some theory. Another book by that “renowned Bible scholar” has come under fire … by an atheist desperately trying to show no God exists, yet we’ll agree with the atheist the “renowned Bible scholar” uses bogus “scholarship”, in spite of their title.

Ehrman’s book is an engaging one, and his explanation of text criticism method invites no complaints. But his main thesis — that New Testament manuscripts have been changed so badly that we can’t know what the originals said about theologically important matters — is not only dead wrong, it is contradicted by Ehrman’s own writings for the scholarly community. Clearly, Christian scholars can be accused of telling one story in the scholarly community and telling another story to their flocks — but Ehrman is doing the same thing with Misquoting Jesus.

If one wants to undermine the reliability of the New Testament, one better not do it through textual criticism. The New Testament contains by far the best-attested and most reliably reconstructed texts of the ancient world.

The atheist notes this “renowned Bible scholar” uses bogus “scholarship”, contradicting himself in the process. As we continue to warn, be vary careful with those calling themselves “scholars” or with PhD’s and other titles behind their names. That means nothing save they’ve received accolades from others who think the same as they do — do your own homework as many “scholars” turn out to be completely wrong, and some don’t appear to even read the book they claim to be a scholar on.

On the reliability of the New Testament, this atheist agrees on the reliability of the Bible passed to us. For some reason, only “Christian” scholars doubt the reliability of the New Testament and seek to tear it apart. Skeptics generally accept the Bible as almost completely pure but find other faults, as he goes on to state:

It is more honest (and much easier) to undermine the reliability of the New Testament using its own numerous contradictions and inherent implausibility. Everyone outright rejects the many other claims of god-men who come to earth, perform some magic, die, and rise from the dead. Why treat Jesus any different? Because a group of people from a superstitious age said so? Seriously?

We’ve looked at many of those “contradictions” before, and will continue to answer the most popular claims of the atheist. If you’ve got one, send it using our contact link (please do not send massive lists you’ve cut and pasted from other sources — we’ve seen those before, and most of them are so absurd they don’t deserve an answer); we’ll answer the most popular ones.

You must do your own homework, study the Bible for yourself, and reach your own conclusions — don’t rely on anyone calling themselves a “renowned Bible scholar” — even if they claim to be “Christian”. After all, if you called yourself the President that doesn’t make it so, does it? Do your own homework, and decide who Jesus is for yourself.

After all, eternity depends on it.

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