Proof for God’s Existence

You have no evidence for an afterlife, So by logic means there is no afterlife.

Statements along these lines frequently appear. But they’re wrong logically, and quite simple to show the logical error of. Until the 1900’s we had no evidence for quantum mechanics or photons — does that mean they didn’t exist until 1900?

Of course not.

Lack of evidence does not imply anything — it yields no information for or against (in the computer world, it’s null or undefined). Lacking “proof”, you need to analyze what you do know, and infer from there. Naturally, different people draw different conclusions, which is why this issue has never been (and never will be) settled.

Arguing over atheism and religion becomes an issue for education. In other words, the Christian’s job is to give information, what a person does with it is entirely up to them. Your job is to be the watcher on the wall and give truth, they’re responsible with what they do with it.

The supernatural realm (by definition) doesn’t have scientific proof (using the scientific method) either way — all you can do is consider the world around us, and come to your own conclusions. It’s your choice, your responsibility, and your destiny. Everyone must use whatever method they choose, and come to their own conclusions.

We’d propose the following:

  1. Evolution doesn’t work.
  2. Thus, a god exists.
  3. That candidate god must be able to explain the creation of the universe.
  4. Exclude all candidates not meeting criteria.
  5. Examine the remaining and decide for yourself.

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