Physics and the Bible — Introduction

I’ve said many times (tongue-in-cheek) to understand your Bible you must understand Physics. Yet the longer I study the Bible, the less tongue-in-cheek I believe that is. To explore this a bit we’re starting a three-part series where we’ll discuss several Biblical ideas, and how modern Physics assists understanding the Bible.

  1. Wave-particle duality of light, and 1 John.
  2. Quantum tunneling, and Zechariah.
  3. Free will vs. predestination, and relativity.

While it’s certainly true you don’t have to have a PhD in Physics to understand your Bible, it’s also true basic scientific applications can illuminate passages, or (in the case of Calvinism) solve centuries old debates the church has long fought over.

Using physical laws with the Bible should make since, since God created the world it’s understandable He’d pattern it after spiritual ideas. While the Bible isn’t a science textbook, it does contain principles which follow established principles of Physics.

If you’ve got other areas you’d like to see explored, leave a comment, Tweet, send an email, use smoke signals, or something to communicate what you would like to see, and we’ll add to the list.

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