The Nature of God — Is Hell Immoral?

The idea a loving God would never send people to hell leads to incorrect conclusions. First, hell isn’t in the Bible, or second, everyone will be saved (universal salvation). The typical argument goes like this “There is no support in the Bible for the morally repugnant idea that hell is an actual place to which God sentences people to spend eternity in mortal agony.”

Several mistakes exist in that single sentence, but the most important being “God sentences people to spend eternity in mortal agony.”


The truth remains simple: You don’t have to go to hell unless you want to, and that’s the most important idea: Nobody will be in hell unless they choose to be.

Nobody believes man is a perfect creature, thus sin exists. The question is, what should be done about it? Ignore it? Or require justice?

The idea justice can exist without “paying your debt to society” does not exist in any civilized society, and it certainly doesn’t exist with God. Sin and transgression requires a penalty to be paid, and more important a just God can’t exist without it.

Everyone is guilty before God and deserving of death, but God provided a way out if you want to take it. God doesn’t send anyone to hell, they choose to go.

God is pro-choice!

These same people would scream if God didn’t give them a choice. That’s not fair! God is making me be with Him! No, He’s not. You get to choose.

What is not available is avoiding the consequences of your choices. If you rob a bank, you’ll likely end up in prison (justice). If you sin, you’ll likely end up in a place you don’t want to be, unless you accept the substitution available to you.

A loving and just God can’t be any other way. Hell isn’t immoral, rather it’s God giving you a choice. You can choose light, love, peace, and happiness. Or not. If you choose not, God gives you want you want — a place where none of those characteristics exist (hell).

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