In The Event Of A Water Landing…

I’m not much for either flying or travel (you know you’re in trouble when the friendliest people you run into at the airport are the much-maligned TSA agents. I’ve generally found them friendly, but I digress).

Flying isn’t much fun, and does anybody ever really pay attention to the stewardess’ safety directions?

Blah blah, your seat bottom can work as a flotation device (which is a problem because we’re not supposed to be flying over water).

Blah blah, fasten your seat belt (think I’ve got that one down).

Blah blah, in the event of rapid cabin de-pressurization an oxygen ask will deploy.

Huh? Rapid WHAT?

And that’s where today’s lesson comes in.

See, if you’re paying attention (and let’s be honest, you probably aren’t), you notice when she’s giving directions, one statement stands out:

If you’re traveling with small children, secure your mask first, and then assist the children with theirs.


You’ve got to be able to help yourself before you can help others.

That’s a general principle. You must first be prepared and trained before you can help others.

  • A police officer goes through many hours of training before they get on the street to serve and protect.
  • A Navy Seal endures a physically demanding and grueling regimen to insure when needed, he performs as he’s trained.
  • A Doctor spends years in school, and then years in residency before he’s allowed to work on his own.

Let’s add one more to the list:

You can’t help your fellow Christians unless you’re skilled in the equipment God provides. That means Ephesians six.

Many Christians want to be a warrior and assist others, but are they really equipped to do so?

I frequently talk about training, stepping up to the plate, and being prepared, but one thing I’ve yet to cover which I really need to:

Mental attitude.

Many people say only two kinds of people exist in the world, predator and prey. Good and bad, hunter and hunted, and so on.

However, one more type exists, and that’s what we must strive to be: a sheepdog.

In reality, three types of people exist.

  • Sheep (not in the Biblical sense)
  • Wolves
  • Sheepdogs

My fellow Christians, we need more sheepdogs in the church. It’s likely your pastor is one (at least should be).

We’ll dive into sheepdogs next week.

Until then, remember it’s always 2:59AM (and you really should pay attention to the safety instructions when flying).

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