The Church and the Common Good

As the heresy of social justice spreads like a toxic waste across the church, some proclaim the church exists for the “common good”, like a giant welfare provider for the entire planet. Once again, the far-left liberal group Sojourners and their sidekicks Red Letter Christians promote rather bizarre, unorthodox ideology not found in the Bible.

We could then move on to the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16), a case where the Rich Man’s primary reason for falling under God’s judgment was that he had the resources to help poor Lazarus, but he turned a blind eye.

Really? Where in the text does it say that? Oh yeah, it doesn’t (read Luke 16:19–31). In this case the “common good” promoter creates something out of thin air — an idea which doesn’t exist in the text at all, but conveniently supports the radical heretical idea of social justice and the “common good”.

This mistake likely occurs for two reasons:

  1. Confirmation bias — the error of seeing all data as proving your ideology.
  2. A misunderstanding of the purpose of the church

The Purpose of the Church

The author obviously hasn’t done their homework, as they’ve fallen victim to confirmation bias, even when the text doesn’t support their claim.

What is the purpose of the church, if not to serve the common good as this author mistakenly believes?

And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. (Acts 2:42)

If you believe Acts provides an example and model for the church (and it does), you’ll notice three things on the list, none of which involve the “common good” (forced redistribution) or social justice.

  • Teaching of doctrine (Bible study)
  • Breaking of bread (fellowship, communion)
  • Prayer

Much of what liberals teach today isn’t found in the Bible, thus it’s by definition heresy. Social justice, common good, collective salvation, and more aren’t found in the Bible, they’re the doctrines of man. Promoters of those are free to push whatever political agenda they wish, but they’re in big trouble when they claim all Christians should follow their pet ideology found nowhere in the Bible.

The Bible speaks of a voluntary individual mandate to charity and helping the needy, while heretical social justice insists Christians should lobby Godless government to enforce confiscation and income redistribution — a concept taught nowhere by Jesus or the Apostles.

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