Bill Maher Show and Intolerant Atheists

Bill Maher may hold strange views, but one thing we admire him for—he’ll state his views straight out, without any attempt to sugar coat it or show tact (at least he’s honest and proudly proclaims his views, in contrast to others who attempt to hide it. He’s consistent in his atheist far-left elitist views). Recently on his show atheist S.E. Cupp appeared, whose latest book titled “Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity” created some interesting discussion, and displayed the paradox of atheism.

That show generated the following response from one of S.E.’s fellow atheists.

  1. Religious people are deluded, regardless of whether they’re good or bad people.
  2. Religion is often bad in and of itself, even without people doing bad things in the name of it.
  3. Teaching ignorance (via Creationism) is a form of child abuse, whether it’s done with the best of intentions or not.

Atheists generally hold themselves up as defenders of tolerance, masters of free-thinking and logic, free from all bias and dogma they associate with religion. Yet notice the assumptions from someone likely considering themselves a free-thinker:

  1. God doesn’t exist (“Religious people are deluded”), in other words atheism is a fact by his personal fiat. Of course atheism is illogical, so this point by itself displays a lack of logic and critical thinking.
  2. Religion is bad in and of itself, apart from any actions. That displays a clear bias and a lack of free-thinking as ideas are already assumed good or bad apart from any proof or logical analysis. Who gets to make these fiat rules? What makes this person the arbiter of things good and bad? As atheism has no basis for morality according to Dawkins, those kind of absolute moral statements are quite bizarre; without any absolute standards (as Dawkins noted), nothing can be stated as good or bad.
  3. Evolution is true by fiat without any scientific base behind it. We’ve written much on evolution, and consider evolution’s case closed as it has no experimental scientific evidence for its foundations. It’s taken on faith, without proof. You’re free to believe in the philosophy of evolution and the beginnings of the universe if you wish (“first there was nothing, and then it exploded; from the goo to the zoo to you”), but it’s not science.

Another “tolerant free thinking atheist”—the very definition of oxymoron (self-contradicting phrase).

People are free to believe whatever they want, but it’s rather bizarre (and illogical) to hold yourself up as a beacon of free-thinking, tolerance, and logic, while promoting such absurdly illogical views that don’t stand the smallest scrutiny (atheism), displaying intolerance toward others (religion is bad in and of itself) and attempting to proclaim absolute morality while simultaneously denying it exists, and even attempting to silence and censor opposing views you don’t believe in (teaching alternative theories is child abuse).

That’s not very tolerant, free thinking, or logical—it’s too bad atheists miss the irony of their illogical position.

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