Bible Translation Silliness

I read many articles on Bible translation, and am amazed at some of the strange reasons people use to promote their version. While the KJV remains the undisputed superior Bible text in English, it’s not infallible, and some reasons its supporters use are … well … just silly.

Saviour vs Savior

Someone said the KJV can’t have simple spelling changes like British to English because changing Saviour to Savior results in a word with 6 letters, which is … well … bad (think Satanic).

Along the lines of playing around with various names to obtain 666 (even Barney the purple dinosaur), it misses a simple yet critical point.

Greek has well-defined numerical values; English does not.

It’s rather silly to play with number systems and “prove” Bill Gates is the anti-Christ (though I’d say Windows is a diabolical and evil system spawned by the devil), because English has no set definition for how letters should be assigned numerical values.

Someone may prefer British spellings over American, but counting the letters isn’t a valid reason to accept or reject a translation, and it certainly doesn’t prove one is evil.

Prevent vs Precede

Another common reason stating a translation is wrong as they compare their “correct” translation (whatever that is), and declare whatever fails to match their preference must be wrong.

For example, using prevent verses precede. People claiming this so-called error haven’t done their Greek homework. Precede is the correct translation — prevent is Olde English.

Prevent in Olde times meant precede (think pre-event), which is why in 1611 it was translated that way. Today we use precede.

Both translations are correct for the time period they were translated in.

King James Remains the Best

The King James remains (and likely will never be surpassed) the best Bible translation in English.

Just be sure to understand why it is.

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