Atheists are Funny… Especially When They’re Serious

Al Stefanelli (Georgia State Director of American Atheists) sure stepped in it big time, and displayed for all the world atheism’s complete lack of understanding logic and critical thinking.

On a recent blog post he used a graphic with the text “NOTICE: Intolerance will not be tolerated”. Thinking that must be a joke (surely an atheist promoting logic and critical thinking would immediately notice the absurdity of that statement), when reading his post it turns out it wasn’t really a joke, as Mr. Stefanelli writes:

The dictionary defines intolerance as lack of toleration, an unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect. Sometimes, though, it becomes quite necessary. Intolerance toward beliefs and doctrines that serve only to promote hatred, bigotry and discrimination should be lauded, as should extremist points of view toward the eradication of these beliefs and doctrines.

many of them are sociopaths and quite a good number of them are psychopaths. All of them are clearly delusional.

Stunning. He’s actually trying to make the laughable, wonderfully logically absurd statement intolerance should be eliminated … except if it’s his intolerance, in which case it’s not only good, but everyone else should join his extremist intolerance as he continues “anyone who agrees with this needs to adopt extremist points of view that includes the intolerance of their very existence” (with the ’their’ referring to various religions Mr. Stefanelli fears).

So Mr. Stefanelli is against extreme intolerance … unless it’s his, and then, by gosh, everyone should be for extreme intolerance!

A prime example of a lack of critical thinking and logic, and a perfect example of cognitive dissonance (holding contradictory ideas simultaneously — Orwell called it DoubleThink). We’ll ignore the stunning (and obvious) ignorance of logic Mr Stefanelli displays to get to a more serious problem.

Using his own twisted view of “tolerance”, He wants to eradicate the religions of Christianity and Islam.

Of course, actual tolerant people allow differing opinions, and openly and civilly discuss them — tolerance toward others Mr. Stefanelli lacks. We certainly disagree with his extreme intolerance.

There’s nothing wrong with being an atheist and God-denier, any more than believing in the moon landing hoax, or the Easter bunny. If that’s your belief system, fine. But please, can’t we be tolerant of others? Is it not possible for Mr. Stefanelli to engage in civil discourse?

But why does he get to choosesince he’s already admitted he’s intolerant, why is his intolerance acceptable, while he claims other intolerance not acceptable? Simply put, who died and made him king? Even Richard Dawkins admits atheist morality isn’t absolute, so the real issue is why is he the sole arbitrator?

Of course intolerant atheists aren’t new, and he’s certainly not the first, nor will be the last. The problem is where does he get his morality from? Atheism has no basis for morality, a point even Richard Dawkins notes.

Atheists continually demonstrate a lack of critical thinking and logic. Perhaps the American Atheists should attempt to find a leader who doesn’t express such logically challenged and intolerant ideas (it certainly doesn’t make atheism look good to express such extremism).

We shouldn’t be too hard on Mr Stefanelli, after all, his worldview of atheism is by definition illogical, so promoting other bizarre atheist “logic” shouldn’t be surprising, since atheism’s entire belief dogma is built on a stunning lack of critical thinking and logic, after all atheist logic is an oxymoron.

Atheists say the funniest things… if they didn’t sadly display such extremism and a total lack of logic.

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