The Armor of God — How are Your Shoes?

Proper footwear is vital. After all, if you’re engaged in hand-to-hand combat, your first slip is probably your last. No second chance exists, and they don’t hand out trophies for second place. In combat the winner lives, and the loser usually doesn’t.

… having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

You need a firm foundation, for if you can’t stand you can’t fight. Notice it’s not the gospel itself, rather it’s preparation. If you had to engage in combat right now, would you be prepared? Can you explain the Gospel, sin, salvation, and why Jesus came and died?

If not, you’re not prepared.

Perhaps the church you’re in doesn’t teach through the Bible, or is more involved with pot-lucks than correct doctrine. It doesn’t matter why, only that the situation must be corrected.

Don’t look in the rear-view mirror, forget the mistakes of the past and move on. Set a goal to study the Bible. With the Internet you have the ability to tutored by the best teachers in your car or home.

It won’t cost a fortune, you can obtain a firm foundation with Chuck Smith’s complete Bible study for about $30 (the cost of a couple of pizzas).

You feed your body, it’s time to feed your spirit.

Far too many Christians spend week after month in the pew, accomplishing nothing more than keeping it warm. After all, don’t we pay the pastor to take care of all that other stuff?


It’s time to get prepared, and get in the game. It’s for each individual person, as Peter reminds us we are to be prepared to always give an answer for our faith (1 Peter 3:15).

Grab your lunch box, put on your hard hat, and get to work, because General Paul tells you to be prepared.

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