Are You At Peace?

Riots. Government corruption. Political instability. Massive government debt. Wars. Rumors of wars. End times.

Much to be uneasy about, for sure.

Yet should we be? What happened to the peace that passes understanding?

Someone approached me this week wondering if a certain political figure might be the anti-Christ.

I have no idea, yet the search consumes many people.

The real problem isn’t who the anti-Christ turns out to be (it’s not Bill Gates, Kissinger, or Barney the Purple Dinosaur) — the church will be gone before the guy is revealed.

No, it’s the anticipation, it’s worrying about how bad life on planet earth is going to get. If you read the news at all, it’s going to get a lot worse, that’s for sure.

Studying Bible prophecy, we know the end point “B.” And we know we’re at “A” now.

However, knowing how we get from “A” to “B” we don’t know. We like to infer a direction, but when it doesn’t work out that way, we panic.

The disciples were caught in exactly that problem more than once.

When Jesus said “let’s go to the other side of the lake” they added a bit to what He said. Jesus said “let’s go to the other side,” while they heard “let’s cruise to the other side.”

Thus, when events didn’t exactly work out the way they thought, they encountered quite a bit of stress. Their peace departed.

So bad was their perceived predicament, they woke Jesus up screaming Master, we’re dying out here! Don’t you care?

Jesus quieted the storm, and rebuked them for their lack of faith. What faith?

Not faith in who He was — by waking Him up they knew who He was.

No, the faith they lacked was simply believing what He said. He said we’re going to the other side, without providing details of the trip.

We suffer the same problem. We know end times. We know prophecy. We know where we’re at now.

But how we get from “A” to “B” hasn’t been revealed to us, and just like the disciples on the boat that day, we scream and fuss, Lord, don’t you CARE?

Had they remained focused on His words, instead of worrying about how, they would have remained at peace.

The problem with attempting to identify the anti-Christ isn’t the impossibility of doing it. Rather, it’s simply a time-waster.

Psalm 90 asks the Lord to teach us to number our days. You may have a few, or many — you don’t know.

It’s not the quantity you should be worried about, it’s the quality.

One enemy tactic hasn’t changed much, it involves getting you distracted from what’s really important, and wasting away your hours.

And looking to figure out who the anti-Christ just about tops the list of time-wasters (well, that and Facebook. I haven’t heard of anyone on their deathbed list their regrets with one of them being “Gee, I wish I had Facebooked more”)

Stop horsing around, spend your time on the important stuff, get your Bible study library going, and use it while you still can openly.

The more you do that, and the less time spent on worthless pursuits, the more at peace you’ll become.

Facebook will still be there, I promise.

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