2012 In Review

We’re not much for New Year’s Resolutions (February is always a good time to purchase used exercise equipment — cheap), but the tradition of reviewing the past year does have merit. Here’s a list of articles you might have missed, or a good refresher to start the new year with.

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What is the Objective of Christianity? — A ridiculously simple question. Or is it? You’ll find many groups don’t understand the foundations of the faith they claim to believe in.

Get Back in the Game! — 2012 saw the publishing of my latest book, involving Zechariah, TaeKwonDo, the Christian life, and an arm bone in multiple pieces (the book is available on Amazon and elsewhere).

RIP Ginger — My dog died in 2012, but the old pup had one more lesson in her. She’ll be missed.

Liberal Theology Begins with Denying the Bible — If you’re new to the idea of denying the Bible (so-called liberal theology), we covered it a lot in 2012, and it will be a focus in 2013 as well, as the toxic idea spreads through the church.

Why Stubbornness is a Good Thing — Being stubborn isn’t always bad. Find out why.

The Star Wars Guide to the 3AM Call — Luke provides a lesson to those dark nights you will have.

Next Man Up — Football provides a lesson for the church. When someone in your fellowship is injured or sick, are you ready to take their place?

Nuts! — The problems of December 2012 can be solved using an idea from December 1944.

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