More on the Question: Can You Lose Your Salvation?

One of our most popular articles concerns losing salvation — some say you can once be saved, and they become unsaved, others say you can’t. Yet that article still generates much of the email we receive.

One of the arguments against once saved, always saved we hear is “if that’s true, it means I can live any way I want and still be saved”. Not so fast.

Don’t interpret the permanence of salvation to mean you can live any way you want and be saved. If people live in perpetual sin that’s a clue they might not be saved, no matter what they say. For example, I can say I’m the President all I want, and that doesn’t change the facts. Many people may think they’re saved, but if they don’t have the fruit, their proclamation is worthless.

Another way to look at it is if you ever have eternal life, but then lose it, was it really eternal to begin with? Eternal life is by definition irrevocable. To say otherwise means not only was it not eternal, but God somewhere changed his mind, and that’s an area we don’t want to go.

The major question isn’t losing salvation, but were you ever saved in the first place? That’s a more troubling question, and one many don’t want to deal with.

You did nothing to earn your salvation (it’s a gift from God), so there’s nothing you can do to lose it. In short, I know I can’t lose my salvation, because I know who I’ve trusted for it, and I did nothing to earn or merit it. God won’t change his mind, and I can’t disappoint Him as He already knows all the mistakes I’ll make until the day I die.

And He still choose me anyway.

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