Two Curious End-times Trends

Two trends are building relating to the end times, one from a decade ago, the other more recent.

After the recent tsunami, it took less than a few hours for someone to blame their favorite all-purpose bogeyman — global warming (of course, if you’re older, you remember the 70’s when it was global cooling as they panicked over another ice age!). Attempts to rename global warming to “climate change” reveals a new tactic. If it’s climate change, you can blame anything on it — even earthquakes and tsunami.

The hope becomes if you get the spin out quick enough, even when it’s proved false later most people will believe the lie. Sound cynical? Then consider two recent situations, the myth of the Clinton surplus, and the more recent myth of the stimulus and jobs — both of which contain easily provable errors of fact (that means they’re totally false).

In other words, it’s not a gray area or difference of opinion, it’s irrefutable fact, yet people still choose to believe the lie when facts prove otherwise. How can people do that? As Chuck Missler says, never underestimate a person’s ability to rationalize, or more simply “don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up!”. (Read the comments about the federal deficit to see a stunning example of rationalization in action).

What does this have to do with end times?

At a UFO conference a decade or so ago, the most interesting part was how those benevolent space beings visiting us would some day remove vast numbers of people who weren’t “vibrating” in tune with mother earth (their words, not mine) for re-education. Sound bizarre, right?

Now think, if you were Satan, and trying to fool millions of people into believing a lie, you’d have to do something after the rapture of millions of Christians occurs (an event you know is coming). You’d need three steps:

  1. Make true Christians non politically-correct (or dangerous).
  2. Create confusion on the gospel by creating a counterfeit.
  3. Come up with an explanation for the rapture. (UFO’s and space beings).

Those crazy fundamentalist Christians, they weren’t in harmony with mother gaia, so our space friends took them to their ships to be re-educated. The lie will be easier to believe when people who claim to be Christians remain (those promoting a false counterfeit gospel), adding to the consensus it was all the orthodox Christians’ fault.

So what does this have to do with the earthquake and tsunami? It’s the same deception, repeating itself. The Bible states earthquakes and other phenomena will increase toward the end-times, and Satan knows it will (and is), so what must he do? Come up with some explanation people failing to do their homework will buy. Just like the myth of the surplus, myth of the stimulus, social justice, and collective salvation, a suitable lie is coming which will deceive many.

Enter the hero (for deception) stage (far) left — man-made global warming (oops, global climate change). See, it’s not really the Bible and prophecy, it’s just man-caused global warming climate change. Once again, Satan creates a deception to fool people failing to do their homework — add it to his bag of tricks including UFO’s, social justice, and collective salvation.

If you’ve wondered how the people in Revelation could see what they will, and still fail to repent and acknowledge God, now you know. Satan, as always, provides a counterfeit for the truth. Whether it’s the false gospel of social justice, its non-biblical cousin collective salvation, explanations for the rapture, or strange claims to dismiss the end-times clear warnings as global warming climate change, it’s how Satan does his job — provide a counterfeit for the real and hope people fall for it — many will (and do).

But if you do your homework, and know what the Bible says, you won’t be fooled by his bag of tricks.

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