5 Bible Commentators You Should Be Listening To

With so many resources, how do you quickly gain an overall understanding of the Bible, current events, cults, science, logic, and application? We give you our five choices to begin your study.

1. Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith provides an incredible foundation for future study. He’s not the most technical, the most specialized, or the most involved with current events, but if you want a framework for future Bible study Chuck’s the guy to provide it. Best of all, you can get his entire Bible commentary for less than 30 dollars on MP3, and his radio program “The Word for Today” runs on radio stations everywhere.

I can’t imagine any other investment of $30 paying a higher dividend.

2. Jon Courson

Jon possesses the unique ability to tell you a 15 minute story from his life, and just about the time you’re wondering why he’s wasting so much time on it he’ll give you one Bible verse, and make a one-sentence comment, and you’ll be left thinking now I understand that verse.

If you like a laid-back, conversational style with lots of personal stories and application, you’ll love Jon Courson. His entire Bible commentary is available for about a hundred bucks on MP3, and Jon’s radio program “Searchlight” frequently airs on many radio stations.

3. Walter Martin

Walter Martin is the expert on cults. If you don’t have his book The Kingdom of the Cults get a copy — it is the definitive study on the issue.

Walter’s book is so far above anything else you’ll ever hear or read, it’s like the Space Shuttle compared to a Yugo.

Walter is also famous for his question and answer radio call-in program, and compilations of his encounters run on radio stations as “Essential Christianity”.

4. Chuck Missler

If science is your bag, Chuck Missler has it covered. For a general introduction on relativity, quantum mechanics, probability, and more, see the Beyond Collection, as Chuck frequently talks about science and how it relates to the Bible.

His main site is KHouse and his radio program 66/40 is available as a podcast.

5. John Loeffler

John Loeffler isn’t so much a Bible commentator, but if you want to understand current events and how they relate Biblically, John’s the guy to listen to. He frequently covers political, educational, and logical issues with the overall theme of what is true, not what is popular.

As John says, the herd almost always runs in the wrong direction, and your failure to be informed doesn’t make me a wacko.

Catch John at Steel on Steel.


Those five resources provide a well-rounded beginning to Bible study. If you listen to them, you’ll gain a basic understanding of the Bible, how science agrees with the Bible, understand cults, relate current events to the Bible, recognize those who fail to use critical thinking and logic, and much much more.

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