The Key to Prophecy

Daniel Cover

People became familiar with Daniel’s book from Daniel and the lion’s den, as well as the famous seventy weeks prophecy. Yet Daniel’s book contains more than Sunday School flannel-board stories and the key to all prophecy as Paul reminds us whatsoever things were written in earlier times were written for our learning.

During trials of life, why not use the textbook Daniel provides during the exam and avail yourself of the lessons Daniel provides. After all, when your number’s up, read the handwriting on the wall so you won’t be thrown to the lions.

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Stay in the Game, but You Still Don’t Get a Pony

Hebrews Cover

A terrible disease infects Christians from believing life is easy and God grants everyone a Lexus, ice cream, and a pony. When life gets tough people hide pain and frustration created by the paradox of what they think the Christian life should be—versus the reality they experience—by transforming into Tony the Tiger, where everything is grrrrreat!

When tough times come, you’ll look down in your toolbox and discover either many tools to fight with, or a mocking echo from the empty box, because at 3 AM you’ve got what you’ve got.

… and it’s 2:59 AM.

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