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Atheism and Confirmation Bias

A reader sent me an article called “Belief and the Brain’s God Spot,” which stated “belief in a higher power is an evolutionary asset that helps human survival.” Stunning. A textbook example of confirmation bias — the logical error of seeing any data as proof of your cause.

Avoiding Logical Error - Science and Confirmation Bias

Errors in logic must be avoided if you wish to have an open mind and use critical thinking. This of course means you must be open to all possibilities, forming opinions based on logic and analysis instead of preconceived ideas; confirmation bias can arise during analysis by making assumptions based on what you want to see, instead of evidence and logical deduction.

The Changing Theory of Evolution (or "Oops, we goofed again")

Remember those charts from school detailing how birds evolved from dinosaurs? It turns out those are false.

The Beginning of the Universe

One of the basic questions of life is “How did I get here”? Either evolution is correct (from the goo to the zoo to you) and the universe came into being from nothing by itself, or some god or other being created the universe and life.

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