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Lookout for that One-Way Street!

Perhaps nothing is more engrained in culture than the fireman saving the trapped woman in the burning building, an image repeating itself over and over through the years.

Disproving the Deutero-Isaiah Hypothesis

No matter how silly the theory, some people cling to the bizarre idea of "two" Isaiahs, saying vocabulary and style differences somehow prove multiple authors. Let's use their idea and see if it holds up.

Rule Zero for Bible Interpretation

Everyone seems to have their own lens or filter used to interpret the Bible. Post-modern, red-letter, social justice, emerging, and so on. However, many of these miss rule zero of Bible interpretation.

The Trouble with "Scholarship"

Rachel Held Evans reviews “The Bible Made Impossible”, what appears to be a fairly liberal book (stay-tuned for the stunning—if honest—goal of the author). You’ll frequently discover so-called scholars and experts use intelligently sounding words and…

Phony Scholarship - Was the New Testament Forged?

So-called scholars believe the New Testament was forged. Do their ideas hold up to common sense?

The Book of Revelation and Common Sense

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell caused a stir when he proclaimed: “The Book of Revelation” is a work of fiction describing how a truly vicious God would bring about the end of the world. No half-smart religious person actually believes “The Book of Revelation.”

Beware Authority of Scholars

Christians are warned in the Bible to do their own homework and check things out for themselves. Many dangers exist for those failing to perform their own research, but one of the more common arises as the “argument from authority” error, frequently used in advertising as you see a doctor promoting a car or something else (Remember the Camel ads? “What cigarette do you smoke, Doctor?” More Doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette). Obviously, a doctor doesn’t necessarily have any more expertise in automotive matters than anyone else. Advertising sometimes seeks to make a subtle connection between the two, “trust me, I’m a doctor.”

Atheism and the Poison of Liberal Theology

For some reason, atheists aren’t happy unless they convert religious people to their dogma. Why? I don’t know, but they frequently display intolerance, expressing a deep conviction to win converts to the religion of atheism.

Atheist Understanding of the Gospel Surpasses Pastor's

Not everyone with the title “pastor” behind their name is trustworthy. That should be obvious, but many fall victim to the “appeal to authority” problem, where someone appearing as an authority has their beliefs accepted without challenge.

New NIV appears in 2011 - TNIV to be dropped

Bible translations come and go; we generally don’t proclaim all modern translations evil as it’s not inherently bad to have a Bible in modern English, but you *must* be careful — some of these groups claim they’re only updating English and grammar, but after a careful review you find they don’t just update English.

Richard Dawkins Equates Scientific Inquiry with Holocaust Denial

Richard Dawkins makes absurd claims which don’t withstand even a casual glance, but at least provide some entertainment value — get the popcorn, this could surpass the best summer movie.

Pseudo-Scholarship even Atheists Dismiss

Scholars occasionally display such absurd ideas it's hard to believe anybody falls for them.

Pseudo-Scholarship - Why do People Suffer?

The question of suffering has tripped up people for centuries. Even so-called renowned Bible scholars can't figure it out.

Which Bible Translation is Best?

Many issues divide the Body of Christ today. Baptism, communion, pre-tribulation rapture verses post-tribulation and more all cause division in the Church as satan loves to divide and conquer; it’s sad we fight among ourselves instead…

The Deutero-Isaiah Hypothesis

If you’ve never heard of the Deutero-Isaiah hypothesis, it’s the modern belief Isaiah didn’t write the book bearing his name — actually multiple authors wrote parts and those anonymous authors became compiled much later into one…

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