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Christian Atheism

Christian atheism? Could anything be so contradictory? Discover the reality of Christian atheism — people actually write books on the subject. As usual, it relies on post-modern philosophy to avoid being laughed out of the room, in spite of its absurdity.

The Biggest Hoax Ever Fed To The Church

Post-modernism is the biggest deception ever fostered on the church.

The Bizarreness of the "Big Tent"

Can Christianity really be a big tent, or is it a narrow path?

The Matrix Guide to Christianity

Perhaps you’ve seen our tag line “Because it’s 2:59AM” and wondered where it came from; it stems from a political ad Hillary Clinton used.

Atheist Logic - An Oxymoron

Some atheists finally admit the logical absurdity of stating “There is no God”, but attempt to weasel out of the problem by claiming practically we can state there is no God (or, almost certainly there is no God), because they don’t have proof meeting their requirements.

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