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Another Misunderstanding of the First Amendment

Another court case involving religion and the First Amendment popped up recently. Unfortunately, the ACLU once again shows they’ve never actually read the First Amendment.

The Coming Church Division

The situation in Wisconsin certainly stirred up a mess, didn’t it? Some progressive religious people rush into the fray, trying to score points using events to further their agenda (what’s that about fools rushing in where angels fear to tread?).

Failure of Public Education

Very few people would disagree public education is anything other than a failure as it gets worse and worse. A new study *proves* college fails in the most important idea to teach: learning how to learn, with logic and critical thinking.

Another Obamacare Ruling and the Abused Commerce Clause

We previously noted Obamacare ends the republic and rule of Constitutional law, but at least one judge stands against the absurd and twisted idea *not* buying a product is commerce.

The Commerce Clause (and its abuse)

Perhaps you’ve heard the controversy over Obamacare and its Constitutionality, specifically regarding the commerce clause, as Pelosi and company claim the commerce clause gives the Federal government the authority to force you to purchase a product — you’re a criminal simply for being born if you don’t take action.

Social Justice and the Counterfeit Christian Gospel

Social justice is yet another fad blowing through the church. Sadly, it so misses the gospel it can't really even be called a Christian idea. Rather, it's a radical political idea.

Christians and Government: Romans 13

Christians and how they should respond to government is an area frequently misunderstood, especially around Romans 13.

The Beginnings of the Financial Crisis

With all the talk of economic depression, stimulus, sub-prime mortgages — and of course all the political grandstanding, finger pointing, and attempts to use the situation to further political agendas, most people have a simple question: How did the country get in this mess?

Combat Faith

After the events of September 11th everyone eagerly awaited the President’s state of the union address. Everyone knew the main topic; most knew the points he would bring up.

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