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Kentucky: It’s NOT Alison Lundergan Grimes versus Mitch McConnell

The Senate race in Kentucky reveals a deep dark secret very few know.

I Told You So!

Watching political events it's clear where we are today is a product of decades. Sadly, when people sounded the alarm many years ago they were ignored.

Logic 101 — Avoiding DoubleThink

Doublethink as defined by Orwell is defined as the ability to hold conflicting ideas and accept both of them. As absurd as that sounds, it frequently occurs, and is something to be avoided.

Freedom OF Religion, not Freedom From

The First Amendment causes much confusion, especially for those who haven't actually read it.

5 Reasons Disgust with Washington Won’t Be Solved

We normally don’t discuss politics for politics sake. However, when the majority of people—of *all* political stripes—are hugely unhappy with Washington, it’s time to peel back the curtain and reveal *why* Washington is so broken, and…


Evil exists even if people want to live in Fantasyland and blame everyone and everything *except* the perpetrator for the evil done.

What Famous Quotes Teach About The Reality of Evil

Way back — a decade ago — when the events of September 11th were still fresh, everyone waited for the President’s State of the Union speech. What would he say? How would he handle tragedy? During…

The Church and Violent Political Protests - What Can We Learn?

As we’ve seen in Michigan, Wisconsin, and elsewhere, when certain groups don’t get what they want they resort to violence and attacks.

Truth-Lie: Social Security as Cause of the Deficit

Let’s consider a front-page problem today — Social Security as part of the Federal government deficit. The **discussion illustrates something vital in your spiritual life — understanding truth-lies** and the methods people use to deceive you…

Political Correctness Contradictions

The politically correct crowd likes to boast about tolerance and acceptance of others, but if you’ve ever disagreed with them you’ll quickly discover how far their intolerance will go to defend their anti-definition of tolerance.

Casey Anthony Trial - Did the System Fail?

We’ve heard much about the Casey Anthony trial, but if you’ve read our about page you know we’re not interested in news per se, but how that news applies to you. In this incident, we’ll draw some conclusions about the legal system — good or bad — instead of continuing other discussion you’ll find elsewhere.

6 Steps to Solve the Federal Deficit

Like everything in Washington, spending and the deficit is political. No sane person denies the Obama deficit is a staggering problem and must be dealt with, the difference is some people want to deal with it now, others want to ignore it until later. Who understands the seriousness of the problem?

Obama's Deficit: Reality Votes Last

Obama's legacy will be simple: debt. Massive, huge debt.

Atheism, Gender-Neutrality, and the King James Bible

We wrote about the gender neutral NIV translation back in 2009, but an interesting note of the perils of the trendy “gender neutral” translation come from none other than staunch anti-religious atheist Christopher Hitchens.

National Day of Prayer Ruled Constitutional

The “Freedom from Religion Foundation” attempt to force their views onto everyone else crashes and burns in a spectacular fireball.

Another Misunderstanding of the First Amendment

Another court case involving religion and the First Amendment popped up recently. Unfortunately, the ACLU once again shows they’ve never actually read the First Amendment.

The Coming Church Division

The situation in Wisconsin certainly stirred up a mess, didn’t it? Some progressive religious people rush into the fray, trying to score points using events to further their agenda (what’s that about fools rushing in where angels fear to tread?).

Failure of Public Education

Very few people would disagree public education is anything other than a failure as it gets worse and worse. A new study *proves* college fails in the most important idea to teach: learning how to learn, with logic and critical thinking.

Another Obamacare Ruling and the Abused Commerce Clause

We previously noted Obamacare ends the republic and rule of Constitutional law, but at least one judge stands against the absurd and twisted idea *not* buying a product is commerce.

A Nobel Prize Winner gets it VERY Wrong

Paul Krugman doesn’t hide his far-left leanings (calling his blog the “conscience of a liberal”), perhaps why his economic policies frequently come out rather bizarre and slanted.

Thoughts on the Republic and Elections

It’s been a week since the election; if you’re a political geek you’re likely stuffed with all the pundits proclaiming this and that. But two issues the media left unexplored: - The Filibuster — how to…

Buzzword Alert: Quantitative Easing

Today’s drama stars Mr. Banker and Mr. Fed, and our hero Quantitative Easing. It’s a production you won’t want to miss, because you’re one of the cast! Will our hero be able to save the masses from economic calamity? Or will the hero turn out to be a zero? Join the cast of millions as our hero burns through Billions in cash like he created it out of thin air! A must-see drama! Gripping! Thrilling! Suspenseful!

Social Justice, Restoring Honor, and Beck vs Sojourners

Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally drew much attention, but it also gave fuel to the on-going feud between Beck and Sojourners’ Jim Wallis, as a big difference between the views of Beck and Wallis surrounds “social justice”.

It's the Deficit, Stupid

Remember James Carville’s famous slogan for the Clinton campaign—“it’s the economy, stupid”? It was meant to remind staffers to always stay on message. Today it’s massive Federal debt, and the yearly deficit topping a Trillion dollars.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy

Perhaps you’ve heard the “Cloward and Piven strategy” mentioned. What exactly is it? And how does it play into the wildly increasing Federal debt, failure to act on a number of issues, and general political philosophy (“Never let a crisis go to waste”)?

Truth-Lie: Stimulus and Jobs "Saved or Created"

Coming on the heals of debunking the Myth of the Surplus, deficit-deniers are back at it again with the sequel “Myth of the Stimulus”, touting a CBO report (May 26, 2010) claiming millions of jobs created—but…

Bill Maher Show and Intolerant Atheists

Bill Maher may hold strange views, but one thing we admire him for—he’ll state his views straight out, without any attempt to sugar coat it or show tact (at least he’s honest and proudly proclaims his views.

The First Amendment: Separation of Church and State

The “separation of church and state” phrase gets thrown around frequently as a first amendment issue, but you’d be surprised to see the phrase doesn’t appear where it’s frequently credited—in the first amendment to the Constitution.…

The Increasing Federal Deficit

Contrary to what you've been told, the increasing Federal debt will cause massive problems for the country. You can't get something for nothing, and in the economic sense, you can't continue to spend borrowed money.

The Beginnings of the Financial Crisis

With all the talk of economic depression, stimulus, sub-prime mortgages — and of course all the political grandstanding, finger pointing, and attempts to use the situation to further political agendas, most people have a simple question: How did the country get in this mess?

Testing God

Should a Christian refuse medical treatment and rely on faith and prayer alone to heal?

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