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COVID and Responsibility — It’s Not Tyranny

After over eight months of facts and hard data, how (and why) do so-called pastors ignore reality and instead push politics over the people they’re supposed to watch out for? Early in the pandemic when not much was known about covid-19 they might have had an excuse for inaction.

Mask Madness

During the covid pandemic, mask-shaming has suddenly become a thing, with a new word added to our vocabulary. What does it reveal about those doing the attacking? Perhaps more that you might think at first.

Covid Crazy

The great pandemic of 2020 caused considerable disruption in life. Sadly, the church fell into chaos as well. As this isn’t the first pandemic (and won’t be the last), what general principals must we learn from this, as if we don’t learn from history the church will be doomed to repeat it.

8 Principles for Bible Interpretation

Liberal “Christians” (and yes, we use the term very loosely) create some rather … ahem … strange ideas allegedly from the Bible like social justice, (which appears nowhere in the NT), abnormal definitions of sin, and more, usually resulting from the bizarre philosophy of post-modernism.

Atheists are Funny... Especially When They're Serious

Al Stefanelli (Georgia State Director of American Atheists) sure stepped in it big time, and displayed for all the world atheism’s complete lack of understanding logic and critical thinking.

Atheists say the Funniest Things

It’s even funnier (actually sad) they take their God-denying rants *seriously*.

Avoiding Logical Error - There is No God

Atheists frequently don’t recognize contradictions while attempting to defend the logical inconsistencies created by atheism. Atheists claim there is no God; after the statement is made (usually as an unproven “fact”), and the logical contradictions of that statement are pointed out to them, instead of admitting they made an error they go to great lengths to disavow the problem.

Avoiding Logical Error - Science and Confirmation Bias

Errors in logic must be avoided if you wish to have an open mind and use critical thinking. This of course means you must be open to all possibilities, forming opinions based on logic and analysis instead of preconceived ideas; confirmation bias can arise during analysis by making assumptions based on what you want to see, instead of evidence and logical deduction.

Atheist Understanding of the Gospel Surpasses Pastor's

Not everyone with the title “pastor” behind their name is trustworthy. That should be obvious, but many fall victim to the “appeal to authority” problem, where someone appearing as an authority has their beliefs accepted without challenge.


Atheism as dictionary defined is illogical by definition. It holds nothing but immature gibberish. Of course, atheists don't like to admit that, but it's simple to show.

Atheist Logic - An Oxymoron

Some atheists finally admit the logical absurdity of stating “There is no God”, but attempt to weasel out of the problem by claiming practically we can state there is no God (or, almost certainly there is no God), because they don’t have proof meeting their requirements.

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