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RIP America — And Your Action Plan

People worry about Christians being persecuted. But the church is never hurt by persecution. However, a huge danger does exist which can destroy the church, and you must be aware of it. It's not the Supreme Court, legislation, or even new laws.

Tares Among the Wheat

Calling yourself a Christian doesn't make it any more than sitting at a piano makes you a pianist.

Christian Atheism

Christian atheism? Could anything be so contradictory? Discover the reality of Christian atheism — people actually write books on the subject. As usual, it relies on post-modern philosophy to avoid being laughed out of the room, in spite of its absurdity.

Don’t Read This if You’re Politically Correct

Who actually holds Biblical world-views? Do liberal political views imply liberal theology?

The Biggest Hoax Ever Fed To The Church

Post-modernism is the biggest deception ever fostered on the church.

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