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COVID and the Church — The Road Back

Most won’t be sad to see 2020 end. It’s been a strange year to say the least as joining the sad list of divisive issues Christians split over has been covid and the way the church meets. What must the church learn after the disastrous 2020 to avoid repeating history?

COVID and Responsibility — It’s Not Tyranny

After over eight months of facts and hard data, how (and why) do so-called pastors ignore reality and instead push politics over the people they’re supposed to watch out for? Early in the pandemic when not much was known about covid-19 they might have had an excuse for inaction.

Mask Madness

During the covid pandemic, mask-shaming has suddenly become a thing, with a new word added to our vocabulary. What does it reveal about those doing the attacking? Perhaps more that you might think at first.

Covid Crazy

The great pandemic of 2020 caused considerable disruption in life. Sadly, the church fell into chaos as well. As this isn’t the first pandemic (and won’t be the last), what general principals must we learn from this, as if we don’t learn from history the church will be doomed to repeat it.

Bible Study 101: Matthew 13 Kingdom Parables

Matthew 13 causes confusion as some say Jesus’ parables imply the church will slowly take over the world and we’ll all live in utopia. This misunderstanding stems from incorrect assumptions. Clearing up misunderstanding begins with two rules no serious Bible student would disagree with.

Buzzword Bingo: Complimentarian and Egalitarian

Christians seem to fight over anything and everything. Chuck Missler asks why Christians organize their firing squads in circles.

Biblical roles of Men and Women

Perhaps nothing differentiates “modern” (read that: liberal) and traditional Christianity more than the role of men and women.

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