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Argument from Authority and Majority

You’ve probably heard the majority of scientists believe something, therefore it must be true. After all, the science is settled. Should we accept it because the majority of highly trained and experienced scientists believe it to be so?

The Fatal Flaw in Deutero-Isaiah

The Deutero-Isaiah hypothesis is an absurd idea and is trivially easy to disprove. Instead, they rely on the the old standby: hand-waving.

The Authority of the Bible

Deutero Isaiah remains a theory so absurd it makes little sense to discuss it. But what happens when its disciples have their security blanket tugged?

Disproving the Deutero-Isaiah Hypothesis

No matter how silly the theory, some people cling to the bizarre idea of two Isaiahs, saying vocabulary and style differences somehow prove multiple authors. Let's use their idea and see if it holds up.

The Deutero-Isaiah Hypothesis

If you’ve never heard of the Deutero-Isaiah hypothesis, it’s the modern belief Isaiah didn’t write the book bearing his name — actually multiple authors wrote parts and those anonymous authors became compiled much later into one…

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