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God and Government

When a major shift in society occurs (some law or court decision) people ask: “How will this change the way you teach the Bible?” The answer isn’t hard, but the reason behind it is complex, but it’s something which reveals the key between God and Government.

RIP America — And Your Action Plan

People worry about Christians being persecuted. But the church is never hurt by persecution. However, a huge danger does exist which can destroy the church, and you must be aware of it. It's not the Supreme Court, legislation, or even new laws.

Don’t Read This if You’re Politically Correct

Who actually holds Biblical world-views? Do liberal political views imply liberal theology?

Separation of Church and State — Town of Greece v Galloway

The First Amendment returns to the spotlight as the prayer issue rears up again. Is that acceptable expression protected by the First Amendment? Or prohibited by the same amendment? > Congress shall make no law respecting…

I Miss Free Speech

Free speech is under attack as certain ideas are off-limits for political correctness reasons. Not exactly what the Founders intended.

What Al Gore and Ed Begley Can Teach You In 2014

No matter what you think about global warming, everyone agrees Al Gore remains a polarizing figure promoting his global warming dogma. Surprisingly, the Goracle provides valuable lessons applicable to your Christian life, and shows global warming…

The Church Has ADHD

A friend of mine posted an article Go and do the same regarding how we assist others in the church going through tough times. She’s polite and tactful in her article; I’m more direct and aren’t…

The 3% Solution

Discouraged about what you see around you? It takes far fewer people to change the situation than you might think.

Logic 101 — Avoiding DoubleThink

Doublethink as defined by Orwell is defined as the ability to hold conflicting ideas and accept both of them. As absurd as that sounds, it frequently occurs, and is something to be avoided.

Truth Isn’t Relative

Value relativism is the idea truth is a personal thing, and your truth isn’t necessarily anyone else’s truth.

Freedom OF Religion, not Freedom From

The First Amendment causes much confusion, especially for those who haven't actually read it.

5 Reasons Disgust with Washington Won’t Be Solved

We normally don’t discuss politics for politics sake. However, when the majority of people—of *all* political stripes—are hugely unhappy with Washington, it’s time to peel back the curtain and reveal *why* Washington is so broken, and…

Redefining the Bible to Political Ideology

The Bible says what it says. You're free to accept or reject it as you wish, but redefining it isn't an option.

It's 1984, not 2013

Orwell’s “1984” probably isn’t on too many High School reading lists anymore, for the simple reason it’s too close to reality — a future where “news” is edited to fit official narratives, massive government surveillance exists, after-birth abortion, and if you recall “Logan’s Run”, when your usefulness runs out, your life ends as well (at the hands of the government).

What Famous Quotes Teach About The Reality of Evil

Way back — a decade ago — when the events of September 11th were still fresh, everyone waited for the President’s State of the Union speech. What would he say? How would he handle tragedy? During…

The Church and Violent Political Protests - What Can We Learn?

As we’ve seen in Michigan, Wisconsin, and elsewhere, when certain groups don’t get what they want they resort to violence and attacks.

Integrity and the Peer-Group Shift

How many will watch political National Conventions? Blah, blah, blah — elect me and the rise of the oceans will slow and the planet will begin to heal, elect the other guy and baby kittens will die.

The Star Wars Guide to the 3AM Call

Remember the scene when Luke crashes on Dagobah, and discovers Yoda to begin his Jedi training?

What is Integrity?

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve heard of the … ahem … improprieties … of the Secret Service. We’re not usually interested in what current news *is*, but what we can learn from it. What…

3 Groups Jesus Squared off Against That Still Exist Today

Not much ever changes — human behavior remains basically the same over thousands of years. Sure we give it different names and labels, but underlying behavior doesn’t change much. Thus, when Jesus walked the earth we’d expect to see Him encounter groups similar to groups today.

After Birth Abortion

Abortion will always remain a hot-button topic because it isn’t possible to craft a compromise. You either terminate a pregnancy or you don’t. No middle ground can exist. However, the “Journal of Medical Ethics” came up with A Modest Proposal concerning babies with Down’s syndrome or other problems.

Shifting Sands of Post-Modern Philosophy

Post-modern philosophy may be the latest fad in “Christian” circles.

Christianity Verses Man's Wisdom - Do Christians Hate Smart People?

Christians will soon have to make a choice: follow the phony reality of The Matrix, or stand on the rock of God’s Word. Unfortunately, those calling for Christians to accept man’s philosophy miss an important point: man’s best ideas continually change — remember when using leaches was considered good medicine?

What You Need to Know About The Free Lunch

It’s not the search for the Holy Grail man has obsessed with over the centuries, it’s the search for the free lunch — the idea you can have your cake and eat it too, weight loss…

Political Correctness Contradictions

The politically correct crowd likes to boast about tolerance and acceptance of others, but if you’ve ever disagreed with them you’ll quickly discover how far their intolerance will go to defend their anti-definition of tolerance.

Casey Anthony Trial - Did the System Fail?

We’ve heard much about the Casey Anthony trial, but if you’ve read our about page you know we’re not interested in news per se, but how that news applies to you. In this incident, we’ll draw some conclusions about the legal system — good or bad — instead of continuing other discussion you’ll find elsewhere.

Atheists Unhinged

New York wants to memorialize seven firefighters who died on 9/11 (a good thing) by renaming a street “Seven in Heaven Way.” Who could have a problem with that? Enter stage left, atheists trying to stamp out all religion based on their illogical and unprovable dogma. Where’s the tolerance?

3 Reasons why the US isn't in Prophecy

People wonder why the United States doesn’t play a role in end-times prophecy as it is the richest, most powerful entity ever existing. How can it not play a pivotal role in end times? Three simple reasons.

You are Never Alone

Last week a tragic event occurred as a person was struck and killed by a train. As it turns out, video from the train (no, I don’t think—and hope—it’s not public) revealed the person walked to…

It's Freedom of Religion

Recently a storm erupted regarding the change in phrasing from “freedom of religion”, to “freedom to worship”. As the administration’s comments and speeches are vetted and approved in advance (and usually read from a prompter), it’s not simply a slip of the tongue but an intended policy change.

Biblical roles of Men and Women

Perhaps nothing differentiates “modern” (read that: liberal) and traditional Christianity more than the role of men and women.

More on Dawkins and Morality-No absolutes

Richard Dawkins when asked for his definition of morality responded “Moral philosophic reasoning and a shifting zeitgeist.” That basically means whatever society says is moral, or value relativism.

Bill Maher Show and Intolerant Atheists

Bill Maher may hold strange views, but one thing we admire him for—he’ll state his views straight out, without any attempt to sugar coat it or show tact (at least he’s honest and proudly proclaims his views.

The First Amendment: Separation of Church and State

The “separation of church and state” phrase gets thrown around frequently as a first amendment issue, but you’d be surprised to see the phrase doesn’t appear where it’s frequently credited—in the first amendment to the Constitution.…

A Question of Atheist Morality and Holidays

Atheists display some strange ideas. They'll complain about religious holidays ... but still take the day off.

Of Penguins and People

It turns out we can learn a lot from penguins.

What is Doublethink?

We’ve referred to doublethink several times, but many have asked what exactly it consists of. Surely it doesn’t really exist, as Orwell wrote a fictionalized account of a future government in “1984”. No, it really exists…

Didactic and Dialectic Thought

Didactic versus dialectic isn't an abstract debate. It affects you in everyday conversation. Ever wonder why some people won't hold to normal definitions? They're likely recently educated in government schools, and haven't been taught how to think clearly and logically.

The Future of the United States

How is the United States doing? Are people becoming more religious or less?

Tolerance Redefined

Reasonable people believe tolerance means you're free to believe as you wish, and others are as well. Sadly, that's not the reality of the so-called tolerant crowd.

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