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RIP America — And Your Action Plan

People worry about Christians being persecuted. But the church is never hurt by persecution. However, a huge danger does exist which can destroy the church, and you must be aware of it. It's not the Supreme Court, legislation, or even new laws.

Are You At Peace?

You know what? People don't really change much. The same problem the disciples faced thousands of years ago is the exact same problem we frequently encounter — and we react the same way they did. Isn't it time to learn the lesson and be at peace.

Tares Among the Wheat

Calling yourself a Christian doesn't make it any more than sitting at a piano makes you a pianist.

I Told You So!

Watching political events it's clear where we are today is a product of decades. Sadly, when people sounded the alarm many years ago they were ignored.

Stop Horsing Around

While watching a friend’s kid perform, her father and I naturally started talking about competition — the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Why You Should Stop Listening To Your Pastor … And What To Do Instead

The average pew-warmer in church is un-trained, un-prepared, and unable to perform their combat role, providing little more usefulness than zombie food. The surprising reason? They listen to their pastor too much.

In The Event Of A Water Landing...

Flying provides a surprise lesson for the church.

A Question of Faith

In the midst of trials, people might wonder where God is. After all, we've been praying, where is God? Is my faith not sufficient? Am I not doing it right? Is something else wrong? Perhaps nothing is wrong — the answer comes from Paul’s letter to the Romans, so hang on a bit for the answer.

The Matrix Guide to Christianity

Perhaps you’ve seen our tag line “Because it’s 2:59AM” and wondered where it came from; it stems from a political ad Hillary Clinton used.

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