Series: It's 2:59am

The Matrix Guide to Christianity

Perhaps you’ve seen our tag line “Because it’s 2:59AM” and wondered where it came from; it stems from a political ad Hillary Clinton used.

Post-modern Philosophy and the Church

Post-modern what? Exactly — you need a bit of background to understand how people claiming to be Christians can deny so much of what the Bible actually says, justifying the contradiction by an infection of post-modern philosophy.

The Tactics of Rebellion

A curious trend among some modern Christian movements (progressive, liberal, post-this, emerging-that, etc) you’ll frequently hear liberal “Christians” claim part of the Bible doesn’t apply today. How? It's a tactic of rebellion.

RIP America — And Your Action Plan

People worry about Christians being persecuted. But the church is never hurt by persecution. However, a huge danger does exist which can destroy the church, and you must be aware of it. It's not the Supreme Court, legislation, or even new laws.

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