It’s 2:59AM … Are You Ready For 3AM?

It’s 3AM and your children are safe and asleep. But there’s a phone in the White House and it’s ringing. Something’s happening in the world … who do you want answering the phone?

Hillary’s famous political ad made the point she had executive experience and could handle emergency events herself, while her rival Obama had no executive experience … and at 3AM when a crisis arises, advisers aren’t around to lean on.

So what does a political ad have to do with your Christian life?

You will answer the phone, not your pastor or friends.

Are you prepared at 3AM when nobody is around? At 3AM, you’ve got what you’ve got. If you’re depending on the availability of your pastor, friends, or even your husband or wife, you could be in for a big surprise when crunch time arrives.

Who Cares About That?

Well, you should.

Too many Christians face trials and crisis, and when they look in their toolbox for something to use, they find nothing. We want to change that.

Our goal is be your go-to reference for filling your toolbox. Because you will have those 3AM moments, the only question will be how you handle them.

You can fight like Chuck Norris, or be slaughtered like a pig. It’s your choice. But be assured, no other options exist.

We don’t want to be your 3AM resource, we want you to be equipped to pick up the phone.

Filling your toolbox requires Bible knowledge, but also science, logic, and attitude. Christians must transition from beginner to black-belt if they want to handle the 3AM phone call. It’s time to get off the sideline, and get in the game.

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At 3AM you’ve got what you’ve got … and it’s 2:59AM so sign up now and start filling up your toolbox.

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