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Breastplate Of Righteousness

The Roman breastplate covered the chest and those hard-to-live-without organs — heart, lungs, etc. Lacking advanced medicine, a blow through the ancient breastplate usually proved fatal.

Belt of Truth

The first piece of equipment required is the belt. It's importance can't be underestimated as the other armor attaches to it.


Sadly, many in the church aren’t ready for combat, and if they do find themselves in a “serious social occasion,” their encounter won’t end well (read that: slaughtered like a pig) as they look down in their toolbox and discover … nothing.

Stay In The Game!

I recently returned from a Taekwondo tournament, and it’s always fascinating to watch people react — especially parents toward their kids.

Bible Study 101: Matthew 13 Kingdom Parables

Matthew 13 causes confusion as some say Jesus’ parables imply the church will slowly take over the world and we’ll all live in utopia. This misunderstanding stems from incorrect assumptions. Clearing up misunderstanding begins with two rules no serious Bible student would disagree with.

The Hall of Faith

Most people have discovered the famous “Hall of Faith” in Hebrews 11. Unfortunately, many pastors don’t continue to the end of the chapter.

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