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The Church Has ADHD

A friend of mine posted an article Go and do the same regarding how we assist others in the church going through tough times. She’s polite and tactful in her article; I’m more direct and aren’t…

Military Organization

Many strange issues in the church are caused by failing to recognize the military structure of the church. It’s why some groups express outrage when “their” person doesn’t perform a certain role.

Protect Your Head!

The Helmet protected the head from cavalry attacks, as riders on horseback used a wide, blunt sword to split skulls of those walking beneath them. Obviously, if you take such a blow to the head you’re in big trouble, so how is the condition of your helmet?

Buzzword Bingo — Heretics and Apostates

The words heretic and apostate get tossed around a bit. Since we discuss various heresies it’s important to know what the words mean, as well as what they don’t. Christians tend to use them as an insult — when someone gets mad and they want to say something nasty, they throw out the h-word.

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