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Does God Lie?

Does God deceive you? Or does He lie because he doesn't know what goes on? Some people believe God lies, and only they can explain what the truth is, and you can't trust the Bible.

Day-age Theory of Creation

It’s popular to combine the theory of evolution with Genesis. One method used to accomplish that claims each “day” in Genesis could be billions of years, as the Hebrew word *yom* can mean age or other…

Captain, We’re Passing Crush Depth!

It seems every submarine movie includes standard scenes. After the opening credits the sub cruises at normal depth — the crew relaxed and having fun. Later during combat, the sub sinks — past crush depth, pegging the depth gauge. All is feared lost.

What is the Gospel?

I read many blogs and news sites. Political, conservative, liberal, theological, atheist, science, and more. It’s important to be well-rounded and consider ideas from different views you might not have considered before. In doing so, I…

Bible Translation Silliness

I read many articles on Bible translation, and am amazed at some of the strange reasons people use to promote their version. While the KJV remains the undisputed superior Bible text in English, it’s not infallible, and some reasons its supporters use are … well … just silly.

What Al Gore and Ed Begley Can Teach You In 2014

No matter what you think about global warming, everyone agrees Al Gore remains a polarizing figure promoting his global warming dogma. Surprisingly, the Goracle provides valuable lessons applicable to your Christian life, and shows global warming…

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