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The "Big Tent" Myth

We received an email recently comparing two religions and asking if God was the same, why the different messages (specifically about who Jesus is). But implicit in the question is one assumption: religions speak of the same god, and in spite of differences, have the same core foundation.

The Beginning of the Universe

One of the basic questions of life is “How did I get here”? Either evolution is correct (from the goo to the zoo to you) and the universe came into being from nothing by itself, or some god or other being created the universe and life.

Is Baptism Required for Salvation?

Sadly, one of the biggest conflicts in the church today surrounds baptism. Is it required for salvation? If so, sprinkled or dunked? Must a priest perform it to be valid? From what church? Is the water consecrated or not? Mention baptism and these are just some of the issues to be addressed.

The Unpardonable Sin

Satan wants to cause FUD (a TLA [three letter acronym] known in the computer industry — standing for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) among God’s people. For example, when the Israelites left Egypt and traveled towards the…

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