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Turn One-Eight

Whooooosh - clang - echo. Nothing else in the world sounds like that. Sure, she’d herd that noise on TV so many times she’d lost count, but it’s different when you’re on the other side as…

Two Deadly Diseases

Two deadly diseases? I want to hear about uplifting, positive things, not anything negative like disease, and certainly not deadly ones. Yet there are times we must act as a watchman in a tower, warning the…

The Deutero-Isaiah Hypothesis

If you’ve never heard of the Deutero-Isaiah hypothesis, it’s the modern belief Isaiah didn’t write the book bearing his name — actually multiple authors wrote parts and those anonymous authors became compiled much later into one…

The Confusion of Religion

Contrary to the popular teaching of value relativism, right and wrong do exist. Nobody actually believes in value relativism - even its most staunch supporters.

A Role Model for Today

Chevrolet. NASCAR. No.3. The Intimidator. The Man in black. In the word association game, any racing fan knows what comes next — Dale Earnhardt.

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