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The Beginnings of the Financial Crisis

With all the talk of economic depression, stimulus, sub-prime mortgages — and of course all the political grandstanding, finger pointing, and attempts to use the situation to further political agendas, most people have a simple question: How did the country get in this mess?

Final Exam: The Death of Dale Earnhardt

Chevrolet. Nascar. No.3. The Intimidator. The Man in black. In the word association game, any racing fan knows what comes next - Dale Earnhardt. The finest stock car driver the world has ever seen was tragically killed in a crash at Daytona speedway.

Which Bible Translation is Best?

Many issues divide the Body of Christ today. Baptism, communion, pre-tribulation rapture verses post-tribulation and more all cause division in the Church as satan loves to divide and conquer; it’s sad we fight among ourselves instead…

Combat Faith

After the events of September 11th everyone eagerly awaited the President’s state of the union address. Everyone knew the main topic; most knew the points he would bring up.

A Whale of a Tale

For to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another > the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the > same Spirit, to another gifts of…

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