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What is Doublethink?

We’ve referred to doublethink several times, but many have asked what exactly it consists of. Surely it doesn’t really exist, as Orwell wrote a fictionalized account of a future government in “1984”. No, it really exists…

Evolutionary Data

Whatever you do, do not ask for scientific proof for evolution. You'll get everything *but* data according to the scientific method. And if evolution fails to follow scientific method, it is not science by definition. Its adherents accept it on faith.

Didactic and Dialectic Thought

Didactic versus dialectic isn't an abstract debate. It affects you in everyday conversation. Ever wonder why some people won't hold to normal definitions? They're likely recently educated in government schools, and haven't been taught how to think clearly and logically.

Tolerance Redefined

Reasonable people believe tolerance means you're free to believe as you wish, and others are as well. Sadly, that's not the reality of the so-called tolerant crowd.

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