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Can You Answer The Most Common Objection To Bible Authority?

One common objection pops up when discussing the authority and confirmation of the Bible. Sadly, it stumps many Christians, even though they know the answer. Nobody can argue the response isn’t true — you have the ability to provide a 100% foolproof response which not even the most hardened skeptic will (or can) dispute.

Bible Review: MEV (Modern English Version)

Modern Bible translations continue to be created with alphabet-soup soup combinations: ESV, HCSB, TNIV, etc. Welcome the newest entry to the Bible translation mess, the MEV, or Modern English Version. It claims to be based on the KJV, but does it provide a worthwhile update, or is it flawed?

Stop Horsing Around

While watching a friend’s kid perform, her father and I naturally started talking about competition — the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Christian Atheism

Christian atheism? Could anything be so contradictory? Discover the reality of "Christian" atheism — people actually write books on the subject. As usual, it relies on post-modern philosophy to avoid being laughed out of the room, in spite of its absurdity.

Argument from Authority and Majority

You’ve probably heard the majority of scientists believe something, therefore it must be true. After all, the science is settled. Should we accept it because the majority of highly trained and experienced scientists believe it to be so?

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