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Separation of Church and State — Town of Greece v Galloway

The First Amendment returns to the spotlight as the prayer issue rears up again. Is that acceptable expression protected by the First Amendment? Or prohibited by the same amendment? > Congress shall make no law respecting…

Freedom OF Religion, not Freedom From

The First Amendment causes much confusion, especially for those who haven't actually read it.

Post-Modern Philosophy and Politics

Post-modern philosophy denies absolutes — reality isn’t absolute, only what popular opinion or someone believes at the time.

Another Misunderstanding of the First Amendment

Another court case involving religion and the First Amendment popped up recently. Unfortunately, the ACLU once again shows they’ve never actually read the First Amendment.

Another Obamacare Ruling and the Abused Commerce Clause

We previously noted Obamacare ends the republic and rule of Constitutional law, but at least one judge stands against the absurd and twisted idea *not* buying a product is commerce.

The Commerce Clause (and its abuse)

Perhaps you’ve heard the controversy over Obamacare and its Constitutionality, specifically regarding the commerce clause, as Pelosi and company claim the commerce clause gives the Federal government the authority to force you to purchase a product — you’re a criminal simply for being born if you don’t take action.

Is the United States a Christian Nation?

The “debate” continues over the founding of the United States on Christian principles. When Sarah Palin stated the US is a Christian Nation, atheists went into full spin mode. Can the question be decided as a…

It's Freedom of Religion

Recently a storm erupted regarding the change in phrasing from “freedom of religion”, to “freedom to worship”. As the administration’s comments and speeches are vetted and approved in advance (and usually read from a prompter), it’s not simply a slip of the tongue but an intended policy change.

Freedom of Religion - Atheism has it Wrong

Once again atheists misunderstand the First Amendment, citing a clause which doesn't appear in it at all.

The First Amendment: Separation of Church and State

The “separation of church and state” phrase gets thrown around frequently as a first amendment issue, but you’d be surprised to see the phrase doesn’t appear where it’s frequently credited—in the first amendment to the Constitution.…

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