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Global Warming and Logic

Global warming proponents frequently use shaky logical and scientific foundations. Learning from their mistakes helps the rest of us to use critical thinking.

The Trinity Part II

In part one on the Trinity we discussed problems arising in the Bible if you deny the Trinity as some groups do: stating Jesus as a created being, a brother of satan, or something else non-divine.…

The Problem of Information

Genetic mutations are almost exclusively bad. Since the vast majority of mutations are bad, for evolution you’ll need vast quantities of sequential *good* mutations for an eye to evolve. Too bad the math doesn't work out.

Junk DNA - Did God Make A Mistake?

People confuse the idea God makes mistakes with their lack of understanding. But always when more becomes known, it turns out God was right all along.

Frames of Reference

Einstein's relativity remains important not only for its scientific value, but it also helps you understand your Bible.

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